Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

Yesterday we went to both of Boston's Spike's hot dog establishments. As per usual, I couldn't afford to eat. Being in this predicament on more than one occasion, I've become quite adept at taking in the scenery in strange new eateries. Who needs to be distracted by food when you can be distracted by all of the cool shit a strange new eatery has to offer? Knick-knacks ranging from hubcaps to novelty signs hang from the walls and if you eat enough hot dogs your picture can be among them. If you can complete Spike's challenge (eat and keep down 6 or more hot dogs in an hour or less)you receive a Spike's t-shirt and your snapshot on the wall. The best of the best even get their picture's put up in the "Kennel Club."

I don't really like talking about shows, so I'll keep the show review short... It was cool.

After the show, we went to party at Jeff and Brian's place. There's nothing like shotgunning PBR and Coors Light back to back.

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