Friday, November 30, 2007

"Offer still stands..."

Today, Jason T. flew into Boston from California. He's going to be coming with us this tour and it's going to be rad. He turned 18 the last time he came out with us. We were in Denver on his birthday. In typical fashion, we went to a porn shop to celebrate. While Jason purchased tokens for use in the jerk-off booth, the male store clerk offered to give him a birthday blowjob. He politely declined. After he finished his business, Jason walked back up to the store front from the cum covered underworld of glory holes and video booths. He asked where the restroom was and the clerk informed him that in order to use it he must exchange his ID for the key. While Jason was in the restroom, we were making our way to the vehicle. In a rush to meet us at the van, Jason grabbed his id and ran out to the van, not noticing a small piece of paper wrapped around the plastic card. When he got to the van, he unfolded the piece of paper. On it was a hand scrawled message from the clerk. It read, "Offer still stands..." followed by his name and phone number.

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