Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Chili Night in Boston

Yesterday, after spending the entire day indoors, surfing the web, watching movies and failing at Halo, I was joyed to hear that Danielle would be cooking dinner. I had heard tales of her prowess in the kitchen and was excited to try her wares for myself. While she chopped, chunked, sliced and diced in the kitchen, I was on the couch getting annihilated by alien scum to the sounds of the Dead Kennedys. Midway through Danielle's cooking endeavors, Garrett and Nicole returned to the apartment with "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" on dvd. We popped it in and began our journey into the mind of an intensely driven mad man. Roughly half an hour into the documentary, dinner was brought to the coffee table. It was beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious. I took this snap shot with my phone before I dug in with my spoon.